FLSM Update 1.058

Woo! A new update for FLSM. It's been a while in the making. We typically share beta versions on our Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/ripenedpeach) and when they're ready we release them here and other places publicly. This is the first one of those public releases in over a year, so a lot has changed. We hope you enjoy it. :)

Thanks for your support!!

~ Giselle and ViV / ripened peach

Change log:

This isn't a full list of changes but it covers most of it!

  • Added dynamic tails to Character Editor.
  • Added 18 new head shapes to Character Editor.
  • Added color swatches to Character Editor color picking - these are saved across sessions.
  • Fixed genital texturing and shapes in Character Editor.
  • Revamped and improved genital physics in-game.
  • Revamped and improved main menu.
  • Changed main menu song to a new one.
  • Removed Resolution picker from loading when launched.
  • Resolutions are now chosen in Settings menu. If you NEED the older Resolutions settings box, hold SHIFT when launching the game to show it.
  • Added Settings menu to all main screens.
  • Added Unicode language support.
  • Fixed character portrait from editor cutting off longer faces.
  • Added blowjob position.

Here's a glimpse at a small part of the actual bug fix listing from my notes:

  • Character tails implemented
  • made spooning work
  • Redesigned main character select - can load any character, either slot
  • Sally's ponytail hair didn't work in the editor properly. It should now.
  • boobs change shape better to match pose and physics
  • Fixed frame rate loss when using body morphs that aren't full body
  • Actions bar gets saved properly.
  • Flippy Peenie - Dirk's penis no longer flips around when clothes are off.
  • Pubic color box no longer brings up nipple color box
  • Hair scaling fixed
  • removed opening resolution picker and replaced with in-game menu
  • Added settings menu to all main screens
  • turn off cam zoom wheel until first cam is in place for poses
  • Genital size/physics
  • Unsupported encoding: 'iso-8859-1,application/xml'
  • make sure all sounds are 2d or 3d as needed
  • Charm Hair?
  • adjust boobages gravity with dynamic bone force Y
  • character portrait in editor
  • color base doesn't work on hair in pose
  • reload button for loaded custom characters who have been edited
  • make sure reset in editor resets everything needed
  • pubic height reset in editor should move public to original
  • from behind hands are WAY off when using Aleekha in 0 slot
  • fix freckles
  • both magnets aren't being set in solo
  • Penis problem (read description)
  • headlook controller set to responsive 6 when in poses
  • make sure POV cam FOV gets set to FOV + 10 - even from settings slider
  • fix char 0 penis on cowgirl butt, etc. - it goes into body
  • no POV on solo pose
  • FOV on pose cameras needs to change when slider slid
  • multiple audio listeners in scene after going back to char select
  • when chars are standing in first pose, then POV, then not, make them look at camera again
  • disable mega modify on hair once chars are in game
  • if coming, disable the speed slider
  • close pallete box during orgasm
  • Hogart cigar not aligned with smoke
  • 'Alien 2' at 100% - just eyeballs!
  • Add more graphics options
  • Make Settings Menu more accessible
  • Added 18 more face shapes to Editor
  • And TONS more...


FLSM_setup.exe (Sept 27, 2019) 547 MB
Sep 28, 2019

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Any chance this will be VR and work with Oculus in the future?

I've been waiting and hoping for tails in the custom character creator for a very long time and this is awesome. Update may have taken a long time to get but I am very happy with the progress you have made and now one of favourite games is better than ever before. Thank you for all your hard work that I can see went into this impressive update.

Awesome, thank you! Glad you're enjoying it. :)

Its been 3 years but better late than never I quess.

We'll try to do better with updates in the future. Hope you enjoy what we've got so far, though. Thanks for your comment. :)

(1 edit)

Goodluck hope you can get to do you rpg that you want to do. Also hope you will realize people need updates even if its once a month no matter how minuscule. I see other dev simply posting a picture(with new clothes or hair colour.) and people stay happy.

Edit :"Forgot to ask but is there a way to generate characters in the character creator I suck at creating characters but love pressing the rando button.

We come from the old days of game development (I started as a game dev in 1994) where updates were something that were needed if there was a patch or major addition, but they weren't expected. It's taken us a while to understand that over the past few years people have become accustomed to continuous updates, and they expect updates pretty much all the time, pretty much indefinitely. As you said, people "need" updates, which is honestly an odd thought to me, but hey, that's where things are now so it's up to us to keep up. We're learning, and we're trying.

There are only two of us here working on this, and as creators we are also interested in making more games than just one that we work on forever. With that said, it's become clear that people want updates even if there's nothing to update, so we are keeping that in mind and hope to do better in the future.

There is no random generator in the Character Editor, although it is something I would possibly like to program in sometime in the future.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)