Update 1.059.035

We're back with a new update!

How to get the update:

You can download the new update here on itch.io by just re-downloading the core (free) main game. Install that and you're good to go. If you'd rather get it from our web site instead, you can do that here: https://futurelovespacemachine.com/updates.php

Please note that the game will now install and launch from the itch.io app. So now you have the choice to use that or download the traditional installer exe.

It's difficult for us to keep up on tech support issues in all of these dev logs, so if you nave troubles please contact us at ripenedpeach@gmail.com

Changes in 1.059.03:


This list is straight from my (Giselle's) notes, so it's a little wonky, but hopefully makes sense!

  • Added: Texture quality mode so people with lower system specs can use "Standard" size while higher spec systems can use "Ultra"
  • Improved: Minor changes to penetration animations so bodies align better.
  • Improved: Minor changes to blow job animation.
  • Improved: FLSM can now be downloaded and launched from the itch.io app.
  • Fixed: messed up color boxes and buttons in Editor
  • Fixed: Color swatch checkbox hover no longer says "Quit Game"
  • Fixed: Rei's penis now shows properly
  • Fixed: Eyes no longer close in portraits
  • Fixed: Integrated Intel chip graphics should no longer crash the game
  • Fixed: Settings now save properly when in game
  • Fixed: Tails now load properly into the Editor
  • Fixed: Color swatches now work properly.
  • Fixed: Blown out color when various skin textures are applied (transparency issue).
  • Fixed: Penis now gets colored properly in Editor based on custom skin color.
  • Fixed: Hair color button now works properly.
  • Fixed: "R" and "F" zoom short cut keys fixed (they were reversed).
  • Fixed: Various bugs here and there.

Anyway that's it!

Thanks again so much! ~ Giselle and ViV


FLSM Core Game (zip version for itch.io app) - 2020 966 MB
Version 1.059.0359.035 Jun 07, 2020
FLSM Core Game Setup exe (download if you prefer an installer exe)
Jun 07, 2020
Pay $15 and get Extra Goodies Setup (installer exe - not for itch app) 1 MB
Jun 07, 2020
Rei Pre-Order Download Confirmation 218 bytes
May 08, 2016
Download-Links-Information.txt 441 bytes
Jun 07, 2020
FLSM Core Game (zip version for itch.io app) - 2020 966 MB
Version 1.059.0359.035 Jun 07, 2020

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