Update 1.059.03

We're back with a new update, and this one is huge!

You can make older characters now, with a full set of shape sliders and even an "aged" slider setup to tweak it how you want. There are a bunch more penis shapes (we're currently also working on vulva shapes for an upcoming release), a "pregnant" shape slider, whiskers, two new eye styles that let you choose your own color combos, new multi layer eyeshadow and lipstick options, so you can layer different colors, freckles option (face or full body), "dirty" style, etc. Oh yeah you can give your characters nail polish now. Chipped or clean.

There's also a new "bone scaling" section so you can set the character's height and head size. We'll add more bone scaling options in the future if people want it.

Graphics have been updated to 4k by default, so characters have way more detail, and lighting has been improved significantly.

Anyway there's a whole ton of stuff and it's hard to remember it all.

C U M?

We're still working on the new c u m update. The graphics (c u m everywhere!) to it are finished and we're just busy adding in all of the "pulled out" versions of the animations so you can c u m that way too. So that's coming (hah) in an update very soon.

Anyway, there's a long list of changes and improvements, including a slew of bug fixes. So check the list below if interested.

How to get the update:

You can download the new update here on itch.io by just re-downloading the core (free) main game. Install that and you're good to go. If you'd rather get it from our web site instead, you can do that here: https://futurelovespacemachine.com/updates.php

Changes in 1.059.03:

This list is straight from my (Giselle's) notes, so it's a little wonky, but hopefully makes sense!

  • Added: tool-tips to some Editor buttons
  • Added: ALT+Left mouse button to Editor for moving up and down
  • Added: occasional blinking in the Editor
  • Added: breast bounce stop button to Editor
  • Added: camera help in Editor
  • Added: click to copy RGB value to Editor
  • Added: closer zoom in game and in Editor!
  • Added: eye color customization with Eyeball, Iris and Pupil colors to Editor (slots 37 and 38)
  • Added: face and body freckles to Editor
  • Added: head scaling to Editor
  • Added: more makeup styles to Editor
  • Added: more makeups to Editor
  • Added: multi-layer eyeshadow to Editor
  • Added: multi-layer lipstick to Editor
  • Added: circle blush and more blushes to Editor
  • Added: nail color to Editor
  • Added: note to Editor that using too many sliders can (possibly) affect performance
  • Added: older morphs and aged body section to Editor
  • Added: pregnant shape to Editor
  • Added: bone scale section to Editor
  • Added: note to Editor: changing bone scale can result in animation weirdness
  • Added: several more face and body shape sliders to Editor
  • Added: several new penis shapes to Editor
  • Added: whiskers to Editor
  • Added: option to turn off flickering/glitches
  • Added: button (on Action Bar) change from front to back door (vag / anl)
  • Added: 'lite' tutorial at start
  • Added: 'free camera button' to Action Bar and took setting out of options
  • Improved: drop down menu choices in Editor
  • Improved: slider organization and UI colors in Editor
  • Improved: lighting in sex mode
  • Improved: lighting on fur characters
  • Improved: graphics speed (multi-threading turned on)
  • Improved: help screen
  • Improved: texture resolution to 4k
  • Fixed: Cali's nipples not being set properly when clothes off...
  • Fixed: Camera goes black in Editor when raised up too high (also too low??)
  • Fixed: Female genitals don't work in editor
  • Fixed: If I create a Custom Character with a huge/thick P, it changes to "normal" during the poses
  • Fixed: If running Steam version without Steam and LOAD custom chars, it goes to nothing.
  • Fixed: If you press F12 to take a screenshot in the Steam version, while in POV mode to see through characters eyes, the game crashes
  • Fixed: Neesie's tail fur now working.
  • Fixed: Not sure if it's due to my graphic card but the "Depth of field" option does nothing at all. I remember it working in much earlier versions of the game.
  • Fixed: Reset in Editor shows weirdness
  • Fixed: after going into solo pose, then choosing another pose, light rig doesn't reposition properly
  • Fixed: check case 37: theEyeMaterialNum = 19;
  • Fixed: check why alpha and stuff special cutout keeps changing to custom transparency sorting at runtime
  • Fixed: created green char, then loaded into partner 1, then went back and loaded Elise, and she is green in game.
  • Fixed: fence transparency sorting issues
  • Fixed: hide rotate camera and targets when freecam
  • Fixed: if char is MARS, keep specular intensity original strength
  • Fixed: keep freecam setting when changing poses
  • Fixed: lighting on fur characters
  • Fixed: lower light intensity near fences
  • Fixed: make sure custom char penis loads texture in both slots
  • Fixed: make sure free camera prefs stays
  • Fixed: make sure idles match voice style
  • Fixed: penis doesn't show up in editor when char loaded
  • Fixed: reset char scale after changing it, then saving, then exiting editor, then going back in
  • Fixed: reset pubic hair height in Editor
  • Fixed: setting 'thin' shaper slider in Editor to 100% causes crashes on char 1
  • Fixed: tails doesn't load correctly on second char (maybe only if same char loaded both slots?)
  • Fixed: weird specular color issue when using pearlescent base material
  • Fixed: when changing characters in game, heads turn weird
  • Fixed: when load in character to editor, make sure name is in name field when saving again
  • Fixed: wrong screen tool-tip shown when you hover the mouse over the "FULL CONTROL CAMERA"
  • Fixed: a bunch of random things here and there

Anyway that's it!

Thanks again so much!
~ Giselle and ViV


FLSM_setup.exe (February 2020) 872 MB
May 31, 2020

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Thanks for the fantastic update and all the hard work you are doing to make this game better. All the bugs I recently reported I see are now fixed and I also really love the improved lighting on characters with fur. Great work as always.

Hello, I'm having problems with the update :(

after installing, it opens, then I select "Jack In" it starts loading and then it crashes, it says: "The game crashed. the crash report folder named "2020-06-02_202612" next to game executable.

I've tried uninstalling all and installing previous version first (which worked perfectly fine) and then install the new version on top, but the problem is that after opening, the screens stays forever with the lights and no selectable option.

SOS :'(

I just want to say thank you for continued support of this game.

So I've downloaded and installed the latest version, but when I "Jack In" the game stops running and closes the window. It worked perfectly fine in the previous version (and still does). According to the error log it has something to do with failing to load 2d texture shaders, possibly from the (custom) characters as I see height and weight in each error line. Here's and example of some of the many error lines (and the list goes on and on):

(Filename:  Line: 495)

d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=395 [D3D error was 80070057]
(Filename:  Line: 514)
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture id=419 width=256 height=256 mips=1 dxgifmt=78 [D3D error was 887a0005]
(Filename:  Line: 495)
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture shader resource view id=419 [D3D error was 80070057]

(Filename:  Line: 514)
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture id=423 width=512 height=512 mips=1 dxgifmt=28 [D3D error was 887a0005]

(Filename:  Line: 514)

d3d11: failed to create Cube texture id=1843 s=128 mips=8 d3dfmt=72 [887a0005]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture view id=1843 [80070057]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture id=1845 s=1024 mips=11 d3dfmt=95 [887a0005]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture view id=1845 [80070057]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture id=1847 s=1024 mips=11 d3dfmt=95 [887a0005]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture view id=1847 [80070057]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture id=1849 s=512 mips=10 d3dfmt=72 [887a0005]
d3d11: failed to create Cube texture view id=1849 [80070057]
d3d11: failed to create 2D texture id=395 width=4096 height=4096 mips=1 dxgifmt=78 [D3D error was 887a0005]

Try to do a fresh install (uninstall previous version first), see if that fixes the issue for you. For good measure also remove the left-over files and folders, but back them up first.

(1 edit)

Nope, even that didn't work. Either there are still some undeleted lingering files from previous versions roaming on my harddrive messing it up, or something else is a foot. Shame, as I liked this game. I'll try again in future in the hope this issue will be resolved. For now I'll uninstall and leave it as it is.

Edit: Even tried the steam version, even that one crashes. Guess I'm just screwed. Oh, well... sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

We're uploading a new build right now, so please try that in an hour or so. It fixes the load problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

(1 edit)

I've tried it, same problem. Whenever I start the game it will tell me there is a new version available, but it just links to the same version I have already installed (even when installing the supposed new version). Whenever I "Jack in" the game crashes and fails to load (same errors as before). So the load problem doesn't seem to be fixed at all (for me at least or you've uploaded the wrong build).

I'll wait another day or two for another update and I'll try again then. I'll also keep trying the Steam version in the hope that one will work, if not then I'll probably have to give up on it.

When you are on the main screen, does the version say "1.059.031"? If not, then it's not the newest version. If you could send me an output log that would be great.

To send an output_log: Please open Windows Explorer and find the location where you installed FLSM, which should be the "steamapps/common/FLSM" folder. Next, find the folder inside that location called "FLSM_Data" and double click to enter it. Inside that folder you will find a file named "output_log.txt" or simply "output_log" on some computer setups. If you could attach that file to your reply to this email, I will take a look.

Does the steam release has a beta option and is it uploaded to steam?

This update is on Steam, yes.

(3 edits)

Updating the game on Itch is confusing as hell because it is not packaged to be installed by the desktop Itch app. I assume you know this already, but it would be so great if you could address this, because right now for example I have no idea what to download or where from. The update says it is 1.059.03 from May, but the Changes mention 1.058.03 (is this a typo?) and the download file mentions February. So where is the update? In the main 1gb installer? Or is it in the small file that unlocks the game for the buyers? What do I download?

Then Itch does not recognize that I already paid for this and wants me to request the download links again, which does not do with games that can be updated directly by the app.

(1 edit)

The game uses an installer which is why it doesn't work with the itch launcher. When we first put it on itch that launcher wasn't available. But... we are working on making it work with it and hope to figure that out soon (it's not as straightforward as the Steam launcher).

To update the game, just download the free download from the itch page. That's it. The full download of the "core" game is the updated version. Once we get it all set up with the itch launcher then the patches will be smaller, but for now it is a full download.

If you've already installed the Extra Goodies to unlock the full version then there's no need to reinstall them.

If itch is not seeing that you purchased, then I'm not sure why that is. When you go to this page, do you see your download links for the game?

The 1.058.03 was a typo, yes. I just fixed it, thanks!

Hi, thanks for replying. I did manage to install it, although at first I installed it directly over the existing folder and the game did not run (stuck on first screen, no menu)s. After uninstalling and re-installing from zero it worked and it was already activated.

Excellent, thanks for bearing with us. :)