Things on the horizon...

Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know what's going on behind the scenes here. First, though, hello to you all, and thanks so much for supporting our project! We hope you're staying safe and sound during this super weird time. :)

So yeah, we have an update coming soon, and we've been busy adding some cool stuff to it.

  • For the past several days I've been programming in the "c u m" system so now there will be visible squirts, splats, cream pies, etc., plus an option to "clean up" your characters after they get all messy.
  • We're adding Steam Workshop* support for characters, so you can share them via the Steam Workshop. That's almost done.
  • Speaking of characters, we're adding in several new additions to the Character Editor, with new makeup options, body skins, genital shapes, etc. We're also making it so character heights work, and really trying hard to make the animations work properly regardless of the character's height (within reason).
  • We've added in a special eye mode where you can colorize the pupil, iris, and sclera of each eye independently (thanks to users for the idea!)
  • We're trying to find a good way to let users place colored "decals" on a character, which would really open things up for even more variety. Hopefully we can come up with something that works nicely.
  • FLSM has some glitchy screen effects to make it look like an old computer, but it turned out some people didn't understand it was intentional and thought it was visual bugs, and some people might just not like it for whatever reason. So we've added an option to toggle that on and off.
  • There's some bug fixes coming that should also help. Always a plus.

Anyway that's about all I can think of at the moment. Working our butts off over here and as soon as the update is ready we'll get it into your hands.

Thanks again so much!
~ Giselle and ViV

* If you don't have the Steam version and want a key, please send an email to ripenedpeach @ and let us know the email address you used to purchase the game here on itch, and we'll happily send you a Steam key.

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How is the c u m update coming along? Can’t wait to see what you add next :) 

And another idea: two opaque sliders for characters. Sometimes it would be really nice to see through bodies. (and also option to have - instead of second character just a flying toy) Oh and btw, i had made this chick, but unfortunatelly she's aligning pretty badly. Instead of blowjob she's getting nosefucked and don't you want me to get started about pussy/assjobs, sometimes it looks like her mate is making a new hole to her underparts. (i used the same character for both roles) 

Pretty project, looking forward where dev will take it, but it seriously need a lot more sauce to work with. It would be really nice to have some kinky clothing options, some sky high heels, long gloves and stuff like that and of course much more scenes to work with. And of course scenes should offer much more interactivity - depth of penetration and such. Maybe even different categories for scenes. Teasing, Softcore action, hardcore action, bsdm. And of course a lot of different weird sci-fi sex machines and stuffs like that.


Will there be a way for subscribers to download Steam Workshop content?

So, how exactly would I go about creating cat girls with FLSM, anyhow?

i love your game i think its great but i think at least one of the guys should be playable for free for people choosing LGBTQ+ content. it just kinda sucks when you cant pay so have to play straight only.

If I bought this game on Steam, will the update happen automatically?

Yup, if you've got the Steam version it will update (as long as you have autoupdate turned on in Steam, that is). If you've got the non-Steam version then the game will inform you of when the update is ready, or you'll get notified by the place where you bought the game.

All that sounds amazing, great to hear about the progress you are making on making this already great game even better ^^

thank you, jdragondawn! :)